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The Field of Instructional Technology Chapters

These chapters are introductory in that they are intended to introduce people to the field of instructional technology. They are written in such a way that they should be accessible to those who are novices in the field.

  • Send me an email to propose a new chapter and we will consider the addition Michael Barbour.

Foundations of Instructional Technology Chapters

It is the intention of this e-book to be educational for those new to our field. The chapters in this setion are designed to provide an overview to the subfields and issues that have developed within and surrounding instructional technology.

  • Send me an email to propose a new chapter and we will consider the addition Michael Barbour.

Instructional Technology Leaders Chapters

These chapters are intended to be narrated presentations completed by graduate students about individuals who are considered leaders in the field of instructional technology. This project is from the Master's level introduction to instructional technology course at the University of Georgia, and many of the initial chapters that are selected come the student projects that have been completed during previous semesters. If you have a similar project in your graduate courses, consider submitting the better examples as chapters for this section.

  • Send me an email if you have a narrated presentation about a leader in the field and we will consider the addition Michael Barbour.

Images and Animations

  • Any image that would help explain a concept or idea in one of the chapters can be submitted. The only requirement is that it be gif or jpg.
  • Animations can be submitted that explain any process or concept. I require both the source and the published version. In this way, others can expand on your work in the future.
  • Also, you must identify where in the text it must be inserted and provide an appropriate caption so that the book remains accessible for everyone. Send all files as attachments to Michael Orey.

Manual of Style

This page is just for those who need to edit and maintain this ebook. If you are writing a chapter, you might find this helpful.

Manual of style

About the Editors

Michael Barbour is an Assistant Professor in the Instructional Technology program at Wayne State University since Fall 2007. He began this project, with Dr. Michael Orey, during the final two semesters of his doctoral studies at the University of Georgia.
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Michael Orey has been at the University of Georgia since 1989. Besides this wiki-based book, he is editor of two other wiki-based books. One is largely complete (Emerging Perspectives on Learning, Teaching, and Technology) and the other will take time to complete because it requires a chapter from every country in the world (The World Almanac on Educational Technology).